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SLS is available to educate students about their legal rights, responsibilities and obligations. We provide services to all students with legal problems, including but not limited to the following areas of law: leases, contracts, landlord/tenant matters, consumer matters, notarial services, insurance matters, wills and powers of attorney, debt collection, criminal record expungement, employment complaints, family law and domestic affairs, and general civil affairs. Stephanie D. Taylor is Vice President and General Counsel of West Virginia University. As Vice-President and General Counsel, Stephanie is part of the University`s leadership team, advising the President, administrators, faculty and staff of the University, as well as the University`s Board of Governors. He also manages the legal services of the University`s lawyers and oversees the work of law firms on behalf of the University. The Office of the General Counsel works to resolve problems; defend the interests of the University; protect and promote the integrity of the University; and provide quality legal services, advice and guidance to the University community in support of the overall objectives, objectives and mission of the University. If you have been contacted by a lawyer about a non-university matter or a personal matter, you should consult your personal legal counsel. If you need personal legal assistance, you can contact the following attorney placement service for help: The West Virginia State Bar Lawyer Referral Service at www.wvlawyerreferral.org/. We serve as in-house legal counsel at West Virginia University. West Virginia University Potomac State College; West Virginia University Institute of Technology; West Virginia University Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center, including Martinsburg and Charleston departments; West Virginia University Research Corporation; West Virginia University Innovation Corporation; and WVU`s extension offices. Carol Ann Marunich is an associate general counsel at West Virginia University.

As Assistant General Counsel, Carol works closely with the University`s senior management by providing legal services in a variety of practice areas including: medical malpractice, health issues, employment law, employee relations, litigation, ADA issues with employees, and Title IX compliance. The mission of West Virginia University`s Student Legal Services is to provide advice, guidance, education, and advocacy to students to help them solve legal problems and to encourage and support student learning development. SLS is committed to protecting the legal rights and interests of the student body by providing free high-quality legal and mediation services to undergraduate and graduate students, individually and collectively, as well as student governments and student organizations. The Office of the General Counsel provides quality legal advice, guidance, and services in support of West Virginia University`s mission. SLS is committed to protecting the legal rights and interests of the student body. James P. Rector is associate general counsel at West Virginia University. As Assistant General Counsel, James provides legal services in a variety of areas, including constitutional law, contracts, litigation, real estate, construction, student conduct and Freedom of Information Act applications. Kylie D. Barnhart is Associate General Counsel at West Virginia University.

As Assistant General Counsel, Kylie assists with a variety of legal matters, including litigation, trademark and copyright law, Freedom of Information Act requests, and contracts. Learn basic information about the legal services of the Office of the Legal Counsel. You must send the notice to the Office of the General Counsel. Our office will investigate any possible claims and take appropriate legal action to protect the University`s interests in the insolvency case. No. The decision to engage outside counsel rests solely with the Office of the General Counsel. Administrators, faculty, staff and students may not employ outside counsel to represent or provide legal services to the University. In addition, university members should not communicate with outside counsel about academic matters without first consulting the Office of the General Counsel. All communications from outside counsel must be immediately forwarded to the Office of the General Counsel. WVU Law excels in educating and educating future lawyers in a rigorous and supportive academic environment.

Our students build an essential foundation of basic legal knowledge in the first year and then focus on their expertise in the second and third years. As the only law school in the state, we are able to prepare lawyers by providing exceptional practical learning opportunities and unparalleled access to the professional legal community. As Senior Counsel at West Virginia University, Harry P. Montoro focuses primarily on responding to or providing legal advice related to requests for documents, including subpoenas, Freedom of Information Act requests, and requests for student and staff records. It also provides legal services in the areas of sports contracts, on-campus activities for children (such as 4-H and the Boy Scouts of America), WVU Extension and Global Affairs. Students who are currently enrolled in WVU and have paid their tuition fees are eligible to use WVU Student Legal Services (SLS). No additional fees are charged for the legal services provided. However, students are responsible for paying court fees and court fees if their case is pursued in court. Providing service to others is the essence of the legal profession.

At WVU Law, our award-winning legal clinics help those in need and provide students with hands-on experience working with clients. Other opportunities include participating in the Public Interest Advocate Scholarship Program or volunteering for a local organization. WVU Law also addresses the ongoing educational needs of the legal community. Service is an integral part of our mission as a land grant institution. If you have any questions or assistance with contract processing, please contact legalservices@mail.wvu.edu or (304) 293-7286. We teach law in a way that prepares students to be client ready on graduation day. Our teaching experiences are enhanced by numerous experiential learning opportunities at legal clinics that serve those in need. internships in non-profit, state and legal institutions; and legal work during the summer or academic year, which prepares our students for a rewarding career in law.

The Office of the General Counsel provides the University with a wide range of legal services in a variety of areas, including but not limited to: commercial transactions, litigation, real estate, employment, immigration, corporate governance, student matters, legal and regulatory compliance, healthcare, copyright, and intellectual property. Where appropriate, the Office of the Legal Counsel also retains external counsel for certain matters requiring specialized expertise. If you are sued for activities in the course of your university employment, university liability insurance may normally apply, subject to certain exceptions, and the university (or its insurer) will legally represent you. Some exceptions include, but are not limited to, if you have acted outside the scope of your employment and/or acted in a malicious, arbitrary, reckless or criminal manner. Gary Furbee is Deputy General Counsel and Executive Director of Real Estate Operations at West Virginia University. Gary assists the General Counsel in representing the interests of the University`s senior management and senior management through legal services, transaction support, policy development and strategic planning. Gary is also responsible for overseeing and managing WVU`s real estate business. Only the Office of the General Counsel, the Special Assistant to the Board of Governors, or the Deputy Secretary of the Board of Governors of WVU should accept service of legal proceedings (such as a subpoena or complaint) on behalf of the University. If a process server attempts to deliver documents to you for the university, you should politely decline and refer them to the General Counsel`s Office.

SLS is committed to providing West Virginia University students with the best legal services possible. To ensure we provide the best service, we ask our clients to complete a customer satisfaction survey once their file is closed. This survey gives us insight into our customers` needs and general agreement with the services we provide. WVU Law`s mission is to prepare 21st century lawyers and leaders to serve the public, government and business, both locally and globally, while emphasizing justice, ethics, professionalism and service in a diverse, vibrant and respectful community. As the state`s only law school, we offer students unparalleled networking opportunities and exclusive access to the legal community. These FAQs are provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a substitute for actual legal advice. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of the General Counsel if you have any questions or concerns. The Office of the General Counsel advises university administrators, faculty and staff only when they are employed by the university.

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