Obsessed with innovation, removing silos and joining-up shared learning for the National Health Service (NHS), Local Authorities and Patients across England, we’ve spent years figuring out what the NHS and Patients need and what our customers, predominantly across life sciences and technology sectors, want

As seasoned event organisers, with our roots in delivering traditional physical conferences and awards, having now transitioned to delivering modern digital and social media campaigns – we’ve got a distinctive approach, which we’ve been honing and refining for around thirty years

We invent and pioneer new communication models, not close follow competitors and old-fashioned event models. We are continuously pioneering new ways to deliver free shared learning events and campaigns for the NHS about health and care innovation, for better patient outcomes and a stronger economy

The market we serve across England, UK

The National Health Service NHS
Government, Public and Charity Sectors

Life Sciences & Healthcare
Technology & Telecommunication

The NHS deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hours

Employs more than 1.5 million people, putting it in the top five of the world’s largest workforces

The NHS across England is the biggest part of the NHS across the UK

NHS England manages a budget of over a £100 billion annually

Our life sciences sector is one of the UK’s fastest developing industries

It has a turnover in excess of £64 billion, employing 233,000 across the UK

The turnover of the UK digital tech industries was estimated at £170 billion

There are now 1.64 million digital tech jobs in the UK, and the digital sector is creating jobs 2X faster than the non-digital sector

#MedLearn Solving Problems

What are the problems

How we solve these problems

The benefits of solving these problems

The problem #MedLearn addresses

The NHS and government programmes are in a constant state of change, which bring new priorities, leaders, staff roles, organisations and jargon, causing stress on the system, staff, patients and the economy

How #MedLearn solves this problem

The objective of the #MedLearn event is to knowledge share about the latest changes in future health and innovation

The main benefits #MedLearn gives for this problem

Shared learning is vital to reduce anxiety and pressures on the health system, staff and patients, while simultaneously boosting innovation and the economy

The problem #MedLearn addresses

The NHS creates silo working patterns which set into motion a chain reaction of structural pushes and pulls, hindering endeavours to collaborate

How #MedLearn solves this problem

The #MedLearn event hosted through social media delivers an accumulative effect on collaboration mind-sets and behaviours, unparalleled with any other medium, by giving professionals access to a bigger online library, stage and network spanning knowledge and understanding of people, products and process

The main benefits #MedLearn gives for this problem

Dysfunction that arises from silos are thrown wide open in social media through listening, learning and engaging

The problem #MedLearn addresses

Unprecedented fiscal restraint is a global problem. Locally, unwarranted variations remain widespread across the healthcare system

How #MedLearn solves this problem

Digital media is the most economical, scalable, modern, customer outreach platform to engage communities, showcase innovations and promote good practice case studies through

The main benefits #MedLearn gives for this problem

Participants can present new content or refresh and repurpose existing videos, target multiple audiences and measure results through detailed analytics

The problem #MedLearn addresses

Time is the number one emerging pillar of value for us all, after health and money. The resultant factor is a growing reluctance to spend time away to attend traditional events

How #MedLearn solves this problem

#MedLearn event Videos are viewable in real time and on-demand. Social media content is tattooed in permanent ink in cyber-skies for infinity, viewable at any time

The main benefits #MedLearn gives for this problem

People do not appreciate their time being stolen. The #MedLearn online event enables you to reach your audience in their time and at their convenience

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