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3. Email HR – Email HR leaders to or and indicate how you would like to contribute to improving their customer experience (add your portfolio if you are applying for a design internship). You can also email them to Now that you have an overview of the Paytm recruitment process, apply for summer internships at Paytm. If you`re looking for similar internships in product management and programming, you can sign up for Internshala. 2. Recommendation – Communicate with Paytm employees via LinkedIn or Facebook and ask them to recommend you for an internship. This will take you beyond the initial resume selection process. I knew that my friends from other organizations, large and small, whose internships have already started, projects are given/forced by their organizations, and I was worried about what I would get, so I was more worried because I wasn`t even asked my preference for the type of project I want to be a part of. Okay, I applied for the internship, let`s wait a few days for the application to be processed, that`s how it works everywhere, right? What types of Paytm internships are there and who can apply? Paytm invites engineering, graphic design and MBA students to be part of the revolution to make instant digital payments.

Students can apply for Paytm internships in engineering, product, design and management. These internships usually last from 15 to 26 weeks. The amount of the scholarship may vary for different positions (and depending on your ability to negotiate). However, if you would like to apply for internships with different organizations, please register here on Internshala – Two weeks later, another phone interview of my future and team leader, and before the end of the call, I am selected for the internship, so quick decision, I am ecstatically happy and grateful, I do not know how to react, he says, we look forward to meeting you Abhishek and we disconnect the call. Yes, you can search for summer internships in computer science. Please visit to see all the computer internships available on our platform. You can filter your search to your liking using the options on the left side of the page. Disclaimer: All opinions expressed below are my own, not Paytm and this is a 10 minute but useful read on paytm, especially for potential interns. Offer a summer internship for computer science students in the 2nd year of VIT Vellore this summer 2019. If yes, please guide me on the path of the application.

Greetings Sajal 7043110432 How do I apply for an internship at Paytm? To find a career opportunity at Paytm, students can take a dip in the pool in the following ways. We do not have up-to-date information on internships at Paytm. Please visit their careers page for more information. Hello, I am an MCA student last year. I am interested in this internship. Please let me know as soon as possible. I am MBA.Do Are you offering a summer internship for MBA students? Take a minute and thank Google SEO for directing you to this article when you were looking for an internship at Paytm. Paytm is an electronic payment and e-commerce brand of parent company One97 Communications. While we were stunned by the news of demonetization and struggled to buy groceries and pay for taxis, “Paytm Karo” became the anthem of the nation.

In its evolution towards a cashless India, Paytm started hiring interns in its offices in Noida, Gurugram, Bangalore and Delhi not too long ago. Introductory day – Overview of who we (paytm) are, why we exist, what we stand for, the company, history and travel, and where we go at the end with an interesting quiz before lunch in the company`s large canteen. Two key technical profiles that offer internships at Paytm are: 1. Frontend Engineering – This profile requires in-depth knowledge of OOP, JavaScript libraries and micro-frameworks, HTML and CSS. 2. Backend Engineering – In-depth knowledge of advanced Java, Node.js, MySQL/NoSQL algorithms, algorithms and data structures is required. Hey. I am Jatin Pundir Student BBA 2nd year of SDUU. Do you offer a summer internship for BBA students? What can you expect when your Paytm internship starts? Get ready to work in Paytm`s fabulously designed office. His office in Noida has walls decorated with photos of Steve Jobs, Bob Dylan and the Beatles. The glass walls are decorated with messages such as “Go big or go home” and “We only are appreciation for speed and speed”. While you`re at Paytm, be prepared for tons of work and plenty of team outings.

Misdeed! Now I was very confused and devastated when I thought I had lost a month of my precious two-month internship, and unfortunately two of my wonderful colleagues sat in the office and asked me, what`s wrong? Although I`m an introvert, I shared my problem with them because I knew that people here are much more experienced (and have been with me before), they won`t make any more mess or pranks, or just tell me to relax and work on something else, but solve my problem and help me. and believe me, the duration of the Paytm internship program would vary from a minimum of 15 weeks to a maximum of 26 weeks. This must also be confirmed by your university.

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