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These restrictions apply directly to a car`s performance and prohibit P-plattlers from owning certain types of high-performance sports cars. So why don`t you see the P-plates on a Ferrari or an Aston Martin? All holders of a learning permit, with the exception of those holding a Class W learner`s licence (work vehicles/land tractors), must affix L plates to the steering wheel. The letter L shall be at least 15 cm (5.9 inches) high and appear red on a white background in clearly visible vertical positions at the front and rear of the vehicle. [7] All new drivers learning to drive must affix a green sign (or a red sign if driving with a driving school) with the text “övningskörning” (practical driver) and drive with a supervisor who has been a licensed driver for at least 5 consecutive years in the last 10 years. After passing the theoretical and practical driving test, the driver receives a two-year provisional driving licence. The only limitation with a provisional driver`s license compared to a normal driver`s license is that most traffic violations, even if a normal driver`s license only receives a ticket, end with the loss of the driver`s license and the repetition of the driving test. As of August 1, 2014, a person who obtains a first full driver`s licence must have N license plates (Novice) on the vehicle for a period of 2 years. The legal requirements for an N registration plate are that it is at least 15 centimetres high in red on a white background, in clearly visible vertical positions at the front and rear of the vehicle. However, there is a trend among drivers, especially young men, who want to keep the N-plates unobtrusive, cropping the white background on the N-plates and leaving only a narrow white border around the letter N or no border at all. The somewhat vague legal requirement implies that the prior may be legal, since he does not specify a width for the border. The cutting of the N licence plate is usually done because of perceived “discomfort” or the driver drives a modified vehicle to which he does not want to draw attention. Driving cars have a permanent blue and white sign “L” with the word “prácticas” (practical) in red. The L sign is very similar to those of the United Kingdom and Singapore, except that two background colors have emerged, blue background (for all vehicles except motorcycles) and white background (only for motorcycles).

They are allowed to take their practical driving test after 1 month after obtaining the learner`s driving licence. The Graduated Driving Licence (GDL) began in Australia in the mid-1960s when New South Wales introduced apprenticeship and provisional licences on 4 January 1966. In all states, newly licensed drivers are required by law to display P license plates for different time periods. The P is usually a red or green letter on a white background or a white letter on a red or green background (Victoria and Western Australia only). In New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, there are two classes of provisional/trial licences, the red P-signs are green for the first year after passing the learner test, and then after passing a computer-based test for two to three years. Western Australia requires six months of red P-signs, with makeshift drivers subject to a curfew from 12pm to 5am, and a year and a half of green P-signs. However, there are some exceptions, as the rules of these states only apply to P-platlers under 25 years old and vehicles built before March 2010 also have some leeway, with power restrictions relaxed to 210 kW/tonne. If a P-Plattler feels bold enough to take a ride in a sports car that violates performance restrictions, you can bet the police will crack down on the offending driver. Prior to December 2007, no L licence plate was required for motorcyclists. A fluorescent tabard with an “L” on the back is now required for motorcyclists using a provisional driver`s license or apprenticeship permit.

[8] L plate in Hong Kong, consisting of the letter L and the traditional Chinese character 學 (learn meaning). Provisional licences in the ATT are issued for three years, and there are no speed limits (except for signed ones). Tackle drivers can also drive any type of car they want. In addition, temporary drivers over 26 years of age only need to present the P registration plate for six months. Licence plate P (for probationary period) in Hong Kong or Australia (except Victoria and Western Australia) for newly qualified drivers. All Victoria P-Plattlers, P1 and P2, are limited in their vehicle selection. You cannot drive certain high-performance vehicles, including those equipped with V8 engines and others listed in the Victoria Regulations. Two years after passing the test, the driver must affix a rectangular P plate with the inscription “New driver” in Hebrew (נהג חדש; possibly נהגת חדשה for female drivers or נהגת חדשה, suitable for male and female drivers). The law states that the plate must be light-reflecting with a yellow background and black letters, it must be fixed in a corner of the rear window and there are lower limits on the size and width of the letters of the plate. The law limits the use of P-plates to new drivers only; The registration plate P shall only be affixed if the person driving the vehicle is a new driver.

[9] In Malaysia, only cars registered by driving schools can be driven by learner drivers after passing the theory test. The car (usually a Perodua Kancil or Perodua Viva) must have at least one L plate on the front and rear. For motorcycles, learner drivers must affix an L sticker to the front and rear of their motorcycle. The learner`s driver`s licence can be renewed every 3 or 6 months, but cannot be held for more than 2 years. [11] L plates must be affixed at all times when operating a motorcycle or moped with a maximum speed of 125 cc (7.6 cubic inches) after passing the mandatory motorcycle basic training (CBT) but before passing a comprehensive motorcycle test.

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