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Essay writing is optional to apply both SAT and ACT scores. Unlike other schools, the OU does not give much weight to essay writing in applications. So you don`t have to pay attention to showing off your writing skills to impress admissions officers. For students applying for semesters from Fall 2021 to Fall 2025, submission of ACT or SAT results is now optional for admission. At the time of application, students communicate their plans for submitting or reviewing the ACT or SAT as part of their application. Self-reported scores must be verified at the time of registration. Verified test results must come directly from the testing organization or be recorded on the official high school transcript. We process your request with or without test results. If you are refused admission or placed on the waiting list, you can provide notes as part of the appeal process. As you consider being admitted to the University of Oklahoma, the first question that comes to mind is: What are the admission requirements for the OU? Although many aspects are included in the admission of this university. It would be best if you mainly focused on: – An ACT score of 24 or a combined verbal and mathematical SAT score of 1090; or For international students, the organizational unit does not require test results for admission, so you do not have to indicate that you want to use the optional test. However, you can submit scores to be considered for increased scholarship offers. A high GPA is required for a candidate to be accepted to the University of Oklahoma`s Normandy campus.

In general, a good GPA helps the candidate stand out from the crowd and also improves their chances of being admitted to a college/university of their choice. Applicants must also have above-average grades in high school with a GPA score of at least 3.25. Interestingly, the average for high school students at UONC is 3.60. Applicants applying to the University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus should also have a good idea of admission requirements, including required documents and any information that will be considered when making admission decisions. Documents that must be submitted by applicants include high school grade point average, high school diploma, and admission test results (SAT/ACT). In addition, the submission of other documents and details, including completion of the college preparation program, is also recommended for admission. When deciding whether or not to apply with a test result, consider all the factors and choose the option that works best for you. Based on the available data, it can be said that the original equipment is easily competitive. If you meet the University of Oklahoma admission requirements, including SAT score, ACT score, and OU-GPA requirements, you will undoubtedly receive an offer of admission. Some students don`t realize that low grades can be beneficial during our decision-making process.

We take your results in the context of your school and local background, as test results reflect, at least in part, your academic and personal environment and the opportunities that have been offered to you. The OU Admissions Committee and Admissions Office staff have identified a number of additional factors that can be considered when making admissions or merit scholarship decisions. The OU Admissions Committee understands the importance of considering factors other than academic performance to recognize an applicant`s overall abilities. Therefore, after the initial academic examination, there is a more comprehensive review of a student`s entire application file. The university will review information from many sources beyond a candidate`s transcript and first-year test results, including, but not limited to: The decision to admit to the University of Oklahoma does not depend solely on the applicants` GPA, SAT or ACT score. These scores are crucial for admission, but you should also focus on courses, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, and personal statements. By improving the above parts, you have a great chance of succeeding with your competitors. The University of Oklahoma will consider students for scholarships holistically. We understand that there are currently many current challenges and recognize that a student is more than a test result, so we will always consider students without a test score for scholarships. Criteria for a scholarship exam include your GPA and academic rigor in high school.

These scholarship opportunities are different from the first-year academic scholarships listed on our admissions website with test score requirements. However, we recommend that you submit a score after admission that can be used for additional scholarships and course placements. If you do not have to submit a test result in the past year or if you choose not to submit one, you must take placement tests before registering for the OU. No, applicants can submit ACT, SAT or both, and we will review your best results. We will also use the ACT and SAT superscores for admission and scholarship decisions.

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