Oklahoma Legal Description Map

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If you are working with a legal document, you can find a description of the location of the package in the section. Again, the easiest way is to decode the description from right to left. So if you use the “14N-1E” to find the map of the community, and then use the description and section number to capture it, you will see that it would be a 20-acre area stretching 1/4 mile west and 1/8 mile north of the intersection of Highway 66 and Luther Road. In the panhandle, all land descriptions are measured from a starting point defined as 103° west longitude (Cimarron meridian) and 36° 30` north latitude (Cimarron baseline). This is the southwest corner of the region, so the entire Panhandle is in the northeast quadrant and all measurements are east of the Cimarron meridian and north of the Texas border. Only three counties are involved and the county lines follow the range lines – so if your description refers to the Cimarron meridian, your search will be short. Find your Range# below and click on the appropriate county. First, determine which system was used for your description, and then navigate to the region that refers to the cimarron meridian or uses the Indian meridian. Answer questions such as: – In which section, municipality and beach is this address located? – In which county is this section, Township Range? – In which neighborhood section, section, township and area is this place on the map? – Where is this description of the plot?* The SUFFIX is “c” or “cm” to identify the cimarron meridian as the reference meridian, and “i” or “im” to indicate the Indian meridian. If there is no suffix in Oklahoma, the description usually refers to the Indian meridian. This is the convention we have followed on this page. For all of Oklahoma except the Panhandle, land descriptions are measured from a starting point about a mile south of Old Fort Arbuckle. The original survey was conducted to divide the Choctaw/Chickasaw lands into separate nations.

This point was chosen to divide the Indian territory of the time roughly equally to the east and west in order to be close to a well-known landmark and in the area studied. Today, the origin (0.0) is on the Garvin-Murray County line, six miles east of Hennepin. Enter your description as “14N-1E” or “1N-1Ecm” when measured against the cimarron meridian, then click “Search” The catch is that not only does it find the map link it needs, but it takes each page with a reference to any place in that municipality. How do you see Google Maps with the Township Range area grid? Just follow the steps above to see them all on a fully interactive Google map. Filter based on our built-in fields or your own spreadsheets/survey data for insights. To learn more about bookmarks, check out this video tutorial. U.S. Postal Delivery: Capital Assets Management Real Estate and Leasing Services P.O. Box 53448 Oklahoma City, OK 73152-3448 Each numbered community is therefore a square, 6 miles on each side, whose location is defined by a township number and a range number. Define a delivery area, service territory, or sales territory using a list of 5- or 3-digit U.S.ZIP codes * You can also enter GPS coordinates in decimal degrees in the Search Locations field. For example, type -105.25, 40 for Boulder, Colorado.

** All information is reported according to the position of the blue dot on the map; To move the blue dot, click on the map *** The “Locate” button is more accurate on smartphones and other devices with GPS. Desktop browsers typically show an approximate location Projects organize your work by grouping your data layers, styles, and map view. You can browse and add data sources, edit parcel styles, and navigate freely in Regrid. Use a project! to save the contents of your map or share it with others. Create a custom color-coded map with a direct link to a Google .ZIP sheet containing the U.S. codes for ranges 1E to 27E and townships 1S to 10S. Click the link that contains your range number. Click on a status or use the search bar at the top to get started. Do you have a chart you`d like to see on a map? With Regrid Pro, you can easily import a table of your data and attach it to our packages. We currently support reconciliation by address, lat/long or parcel ID/APN.

Ranges 1W to 26W and cantons 1N to 29N, divided into 9 segments. Note that these are arranged as they would be on a map, with township numbers increasing to the north and range numbers to the west. Click on the link that contains both your municipality number and your area number. Create a Regrid Pro account to highlight, count and display matching packages on the map. Earn more income with Carbon by Indigo by adopting carbon-based farming practices. Increase the carbon in your soil or reduce emissions to generate carbon credits. Fields where carbonaceous cultivation methods are used may have a productivity higher than the stated productivity rating. Take a quick look at the crops grown in a field last year or download a full report to get a history of the last five years of crop rotation. 3. Paste the link you just copied into the box below: Search for farmland sales in the United States View the sale price, sale date, acreage, land use, buyer and seller names, and GIS data for each sale, and create a comparable sales report. Opening up new revenue streams through carbon production. Learn more.

To streamline the search, I created separate graphs for each quadrant: You can earn carbon credits using agronomic practices such as catch crops, reduced tillage, and longer crop rotations, which can increase soil carbon content. These practices can also help improve soil health by providing several operational benefits, including more stable yields, better water management, better field accessibility, effective weed management, and reduced total cost of ownership. It can also lead to an increase in soil value. There are about 2,000 cards overall, but you get a number of choices structured so that: This is your survey feed. When publications are added to the map, they appear here in a timeline. 2. Share your spreadsheet by doing the following: (1) click the Share button in the upper right corner, (2) click the Get Link section in the box that appears, (3) change the sharing setting to Everyone with the link (hold the drop-down menu on the right as a viewer), (4) click the Copy Link button, and (5) click Done. Simply fill out the questionnaire, select the appropriate link in each selection and you will get the municipal map on which your property is located. Set an embedded title for your map, set the map type, and choose other map layers to display (all optional) Keep abreast of rural rural and agricultural market trends with AcreValue market reports. Sign up for our free newsletter to get AcreValue Market reports delivered straight to your inbox. Add dots, lines and shapes to any map and save drawings on the “My Account” page! Add multiple drawings to your cards! Creating your personal user profile is the first step to creating the best connections and opportunities for the land. Showcase your land and interests on your personal dashboard to better communicate with landowners, farmers, and land experts in your area.

Search the AcreValue network map to search for profiles and land opportunities by location. Create a Regrid Pro account to import and manage recordings. Automatically measures and displays length and surface when you draw or edit your lines and shapes! Do you want to take a look? Visit Belle Isle in Detroit or the French Quarter in New Orleans. Use our built-in fields or your own table/survey data to create and visualize the data like a beautiful map. To learn more, check out our style video tutorial. If necessary, add additional MapBuilder modules to your map and make other customizations, then click Apply to view the updated map. While other tools display Section Township Range on Google Earth that require download and installation, this free tool displays Section Township Range on Google Maps in a web browser that requires no download or installation. And you can even use it on your smartphone or tablet! Get the most out of our nationwide package data with a regrid.com account or data license: edit Planet`s high-resolution SkySat images in near real-time directly from AcreValue. Perform near real-time diligence and monitoring on your property.

Controls are from 5km x 5km to a resolution of 50cm. RANGE is measured east or west of the reference meridian and each zone is 6 miles wide. AcreValue analyzes terabytes of soil, climate, crop rotation, taxes, interest rates, and corn prices data to calculate the estimated value of a single field. Create meaningful land reports to get advanced information on land values. The Overview tab provides a quick overview and summary of the currently selected geographic area.

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