Npc Figure Rules and Regulations

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☑ Competing characters are judged according to the following criteria:1. Balance and form. Low musculature with separation. There should be no visible stripes for character competitors. Great importance given to balance and symmetry in the division of figures.2. Rounded delts, sweep to quads, depth and width of the back.3. Complete package on stage, including complexion, posture, complexion and overall presentation. Note the beautiful balance and shape that these figure athletes show in their Angel Competition bikini suits. This video shows an excellent Team Elite Physique character pose tutorial. The final routine lasts a maximum of 90 seconds and is performed to the music of athletes who respect the rules of the IFBB Pro League. Music that contains profanity or explicit language should not be used and may shorten the routine. ☑ Figure Competitors should:1.

Show a balanced shape with a well-developed lat. Balance comes first in the division of numbers, we can never repeat it enough!2. Have impeccable poses! We highly recommend practicing with an Angel Competition bikinis posing a workout suit. New for 2021! Our silhouette style is available in side tie or without side tie. If you change your competition suit from prejudice to final and the judges find that it does not comply with the rules, you will be ordered to leave the stage. No exceptions. ☑ You must be an NPC member to participate. The National Physics Committee is the world`s leading amateur physics organization. Since 1982, the best athletes in bodybuilding, fitness, silhouette, bikini and physique have started their careers in the NPC.

Many of these athletes have had successful careers in the IFBB professional league, a list that includes 24 Olympic winners and 38 Arnold Classics. Women`s Physique competitors should have the general aesthetic and appearance that can be found in the figure with a slightly more general musculature. ☑ The competing characters will take the stage and perform their pose routine alone. There are 4 different poses for the Wellnes NPC division; Forward, quarter turn right, quarter turn back and another quarter turn right. FrontWalk to the middle of the stage. Stop and do your front pose with CONFIDENCE in the combination of your ACBikini.Right Quarter TurnFinish a quarter turn and hit your side pose. Smile and show your strength! Quarter turn backFinish another quarter turn and beat your pose from the back. Some character contestants use this time to pull their hair forward so the judges can see their back muscles. Quarter right turnFinish another quarter turn and strike your pose on the other side. Quarter Back to frontFinish your last shift move to face the judges in your forward pose. You are amazing, your face should show your confidence! Opportunity to present a “Goodbye” signature, which can be a hand sign or similar for judges.

Go to the side of the stage under the direction of the stage attendant. Feel the power to do something that most only dream of you, you have done it!!! ☑ Puppeteers must wear a two-piece costume with a V-shaped stocking such as the Angel Competition bikini figure style. The official rules of NPCs don`t say that your character costume has a crisscrossed back. ☑ Angel Competition bikinis make all costumes with a cross-shaped back due to the popularity of the style at events. 99% of competitors wear a suit with a crisscrossed hook back. ☑ The bottom of the suit rests high on the hips like the Angel Competition bikinis figure style. ☑ Competitors must wear high heels. The official rules of NPCs don`t say that heels have to be clear, but most show promoters require them. We recommend ordering from The Shoe Fairy. The Shoe Fairy is the main name of the competition shoes that love Angel Competition bikinis. Like us, their quality, fit and customer service are the best in their market. They offer a wide range of styles to choose from and personally help you choose the perfect pair.

Use the code “ACBIKINIS” to save 10% off at The Shoe Fairy. The rating is rated 100% and consists of quarter-turn comparisons and the following mandatory “5” poses: ☑ You will likely need to wear a face mask at all times. ☑ Depending on the organizer, you can take off your mask when you are on stage. We are very grateful that the shows have resumed and support every decision made by the show organizer! Be prepared to be flexible in the coming months and know that the hosts will do everything they can to get you on stage. A big thank you to the promoters of the show!!. Thanks to the coaches above for allowing us to share their content. We are so grateful for all the amazing coaches there! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This is a video from Muscular Development that shows comparisons to the New York Pro Walk in the center of the stage, stopping and doing a forward pose, then doing a full turn and a backward posture, then turning forward again and facing the judges as shown, then going to the side of the stage. Indecent acts are not allowed.

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