Montana Rules

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Certain deadlines must be met before administrative rules are adopted. This process is described in 2-4-302, MCA. The following bylaws were recently proposed or passed by the Office of the State Auditor of Montana, the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance. In some cases, legislation gives the CSI the discretion to implement legislation by by-law. Unlike laws, which can only change when the legislature is in session, the IHC can initiate a procedure to amend its by-laws at any time. CSI bylaws are published in Chapter 6 of the Montana Bylaws. To learn more about the proposed rules and the process for passing a bylaw, visit the Montana Secretary of State`s website. A graphical explanation of the rules flow can be found HERE. Business rules are government regulations and standards used to implement, interpret or establish policies. Rules may also describe an authority`s organization, procedures, or practices.

Insurance activities and the offering and sale of securities are subject to federal and state law. CSI primarily applies state law. State laws include state laws, administrative regulations, and court decisions interpreting those laws and administrative regulations. The Montana Secretary of State`s bylaws publish the bylaws issued by state authorities. Bylaws are developed through a process outlined in the Montana Administrative Procedure Act. This process requires public authorities to inform the public when they wish to adopt, amend or repeal by-laws. Notices are summarized in the Montana Administrative Registry (MAR). Once passed, bylaws are published in the Montana By-law (MRA) and have the force of law. The Department`s current and past regulatory notices are available at The Legislative Assembly meets every two years for 90 days, beginning in odd-numbered years. Any changes made by the legislator to these and other laws are reported a few months after each Parliament.

The status of a particular bill that makes changes to a law can be tracked during the session on the Montana Legislature website. To learn more about Montana`s business rules and the rule-making process, see MTRules.Org. Get notified when the ministry takes rule-making action by subscribing to our newsletter. To access regulatory notices, go to MTRules.Org and search for 42 in the “Search by notification number” box in the bottom right corner. CSI regularly publishes guidance on the interpretation of a statute or statute by this body in the form of a consultation note. CSI publishes these notes HERE. Our insurance department is mandated by law to regulate insurance activities to ensure that they are conducted in accordance with the law and for the protection of policyholders and the general public. ARM Title 42 – Earnings as published up to March 31, 2019. All laws of the State of Montana are published in the Annotated Code of Montana. The sections governing the insurance and securities industry are found in Title 33 and Title 30, Chapter 10 of the Montana Code Annotated (MCA). In addition to our regulatory function, the securities department has the authority to investigate violations of the Securities Act of Montana. We handle fraudulent securities transactions and have broad enforcement powers to initiate administrative actions and injunctive relief and refer criminal cases to district prosecutors.

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