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The directory contains active members who are in good standing and licensed to practice in Mississippi by §73-3-120 MCA. The Mississippi Legal Directory is recognized as the official directory of the Mississippi Bar. www.msbar.org The Mississippi Legal Directory is committed not only to providing value-added primary and secondary legal information in all areas of expertise and jurisdictions, but also to providing value-added information in the medium that best meets our clients` needs. By publishing timely, accurate, and essential information, Legal Directories Publishing Company, Inc. pursues its mission to anticipate the practical needs of the legal marketplace faster and more comprehensively than any other information provider. The Wyoming State Bar Association is pleased to provide you with an online directory of all licensed attorneys in the State of Wyoming. If you can`t find the lawyer you`re looking for, don`t hesitate to call (307) 632-9061. The online directory is a way to get up-to-date information about attorneys licensed to practice law in Mississippi. According to the Mississippi Bar Association`s website, the directory is updated weekly. The Mississippi Bar Association is sensitive to the privacy of its member lawyers.

The directory contains only the following information about the attorney: Legal Directories Publishing Company, Inc. focuses on the accuracy and quality of our directories. Our state legal directories are used by virtually everyone associated with the legal profession. The directory allows eligible lawyers to file updates by logging into their account. The Mississippi Bar Association`s online directory is a source of up-to-date information on licensed lawyers in the state of Mississippi. The directory is updated daily and members can submit updates by logging into their account here. To order member addresses, please visit the mailing lists information page. Active member in good standing and licensed to practice law in Mississippi pursuant to § 73-3-120 MCA. Inactive member in good standing and not authorized to practice law in Mississippi pursuant to § 73-3-120 MCA. If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Membership Services at (601) 355-4619 or email membership2@msbar.org. If your search results give a “Contact the Office of the General Counsel” for more information, call 601-948-0568.

Mississippi has more than 8,000 actively licensed lawyers and more than 10,000 lawyers. Mississippi lawyers practice in a variety of jurisdictions, including bankruptcy law, family law, labor law, criminal law, and immigration law. Because of the different areas of activity, nearly every Mississippi bar association has committees and chapters that focus on specific areas of law. Your comments are welcome, please send your comments or suggestions via the convenient online feedback form. Or send a message to: Legal Directories Publishing Company, Inc., P.O. Box 189000, Dallas, Texas 75218-9000 Evelyn Gandy Lecture Series – Registration open. [+] The Law Society is sensitive to the privacy of its members and takes reasonable precautions to protect personal data. Information collected in surveys, registrations and feedback forms will only be used for the following purposes. Save the date for the 2023 and 2024 Summer School and Annual Meeting. [+] The Bar Association provides callers with only the following information: name, address, city, state, zip code, telephone, fax, email, date of admission, law school. The Law Society provides mailing lists to qualified users (see Shipping Labels Policy) and publishes the following information in its online and print directories.

The bar does not distribute members` email addresses in bulk. 2023 MB Award Nominees requested – Deadline 4 January 2023. [+] At Lawyer Legion, we recognize the methods provided by state bar associations to help the public find a lawyer. According to the American Bar Association, there is no lawyer referral service in Mississippi. These law societies focus on representing lawyers based on the county in which they practice law or what area they specialize in. Due to the large number of committees and chapters within each Mississippi Bar Association, it can be difficult to decide which bar association best represents your needs. Therefore, here is a complete list of bar associations, which includes a brief description of each bar association and their contact information. However, the Mississippi Bar Association maintains the Mississippi Bar`s online directory.

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