Mi Casa Su Casa Definition

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Example sentence: “I have room for you, you know mi casa su casa.” Advice and definition of English vocabulary with Gymglish. Improve your English and try our online English courses for free. I listened to some of Shakira`s songs. His song Hips don`t lie, Wyclef? Said something about Mi Casa and Su Casa. Do they mean the same thing? or simply different. “Mi casa, su casa: My house is a Ho house” – Lil Wayne, Rollin. What you heard in the song is probably the famous phrase “Mi casa es su casa”, which means “My home is your home”. Therefore, mi casa means my house, and su casa means your home, which has been formally said. “Yes, mi casa su casa, I touched him like Gaza” – Childish Gambino, v. 3005. Do you have a wise way of remembering this rule? Any advice to avoid a mistake with “Mi casa es su casa”? Share it with us! “Mi casa, su casa, cuidado con el chico” – The game, El Chapo.

“Let out a steak, mi casa, su casa” – Jay-Z, Anything. I haven`t heard the song, so it may be out of context, but boy, it certainly looks like someone is going to hunt! Well, I guess that doesn`t mean anything special. My house, his home When I was studying advanced Spanish in Mexico, we used a very cool telenovela called “De acá de este lado”. At one point in the story, the hero George, who comes from Chicago, is invited into someone`s house with the words “Please come home.” George is a little confused because his Spanish is not so good, and he says, “What, my house in Chicago? But we are here in Mexico! The fact is that this saying “My home is your home” is so ingrained that people in Mexico, at least of my generation, would say, “Please come to your home.” This shows how incredibly polite and polite people in Latin America can be. Latetodinner is ok. The lyrics allude to an invitation – My home / Your home? What is your name? It`s pretty! My house or yours?.

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