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The agenda covers three key areas

1  #Innovation #futureHealth #NHS

‘Innovation is critical to enabling NHS England to achieve the ambitions set out in the Mandate, to ramp up the pace and scale of change, and deliver better outcomes for patients across all five domains of the NHS Outcomes Framework. The NHS remains a major investor and wealth creator in the UK, and in science, technology and engineering in particular.

The Board’s objective is to ensure that the new commissioning system promotes and support participation of the NHS in research, translating scientific developments into benefits for patients, and contributing to economic growth by exporting innovation and expertise internationally. The Innovation programme is the only mainstream activity in NHS England that directly supports delivery of these benefits’


2  Delivering NHS England’ Next Steps, #FiveYearForwardView

‘Next year the NHS turns 70. New treatments for a growing and aging population mean that pressures on the service are greater than they have ever been. But treatment outcomes are far better – and public satisfaction higher – than ten or twenty years ago.

The NHS needs to adapt to take advantage of the opportunities that science and technology offer patients, carers and those who serve them. But it also needs to evolve to meet new challenges: we live longer, with complex health issues, sometimes of our own making.

The measures set out in this plan will deliver a more responsive NHS in England, focussed on the issues which matter most to the public. And that is on a more sustainable footing, so that it can continue to deliver health and high quality care – now and for future generations’

3  The Government’s Life Sciences Industrial Strategy

‘The life sciences industry represents one of the dominant economic sectors in the UK. ‘Health life sciences’ refers to the application of biology and technology to health improvement, including biopharmaceuticals, medical technology, genomics, diagnostics and digital health. It has the advantage of very high productivity compared to other sectors, and generates a wide range of products including drugs, medical technology, diagnostics and digital tools, as well as products for consumer health. It is also widely distributed across the whole of the UK and brings significant jobs and growth to virtually every region’

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