Our journey supporting the National Health Service and the wider health system, UK and globally, spans over thirty years.

The past eight years have been entirely focused on digital, social and video, virtual healthcare learning campaigns.

Modern and unique. Experienced in healthcare innovation, integration interdependency and digital. Patients at the heart and the start

Medicine Gov continuously innovates and spearhead learning campaigns and virtual opportunities

We’re often called upon by central government and NHS agencies to assist with their social media and communication strategy

Medicine Gov Board

David O’Regan
Twitter @David_ukan
LinkedIn Linkedin.com/in/DirectorRCSEdFstMedicineGov

Executive Director, Medicine Gov @MedicineGov #MedLearn

Visiting Professor, Department of Surgery and Cancer @ImperialSandC, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College @imperial_SoM

Director, Faculty of Surgical Trainers, Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh @RCSEd

David O’Regan started the Silver Scalpel Award to identify the best surgical trainer when he was President of The Association of Surgeons in Training @ASiT in 1999/2000. The award has national acclaim and continues to run with the support of the ASiT executive

Council, Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association @HCSAnews. Trade Union and Professional Association for All Grades of hospital doctors in the UK

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