Speaker, Sponsors, Audience join in by simply using a mobile phone

1   Book a time slot to showcase your video or podcast, using your mobile, it’s as easy as placing an order on Amazon. Or book by contacting us
2   Record a video or audio clip on your smart phone and email it to
3   We’ll share and promote your digital content at the #MedLearn online event 5-9 November 2018, on your chosen day and time
4   Audiences get to watch, listen and read your key messages using a mobile, desktop or tablet, in real time and later on-demand at a time and place that suits them

For today’s hyper-connected world, we’ve built a digital strategy to make it easy for you  to promote your key messages and brand to the right audience

Welcome to 21st-century events, the first to market for England
A mobile phone is all you need to join in. In 2018, the single most important device that matters is your mobile. This small device has our maximum attention

Share and re-purpose existing videos and podcasts or submit new content
Raise your profile and awareness of key messages and health campaigns. Showcase your work at the #MedLearn event 5 – 9 November 2018 

Ask us for a Coupon Code to book your FREE video or podcast time slots online
It’s FREE to submit a video or audio presentation if you are from the NHS, Public Sector, Charities and Voluntary organisations, Academia, and for some Start Ups and Small to Medium Enterprises, ask us for details. Email or contact us before all the best time slots are taken

Virtual shared learning for health and business professionals including leaders, C-suite, clinicians and managers; involving patients and carers too
The market we serve across England, UK includes, but not exclusive to, the National Health Service NHS, Government, Public Sector, Academia, Charity, Voluntary, Patients, Carers, Industry, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Technology and Telecommunication

Contents: A complex event simplified for ease of use and accessibility

The process to book and how the event works along with a quick guide of Do’s, Dont’s, Tips, Next Steps. Plus important information and how we’re raising donations for patients, charity, the NHS and innovation projects

Select agenda
Book one or multiple days

Book video time slots

Book one or multiple time slots. Each booking is for a ten-minute promotional package in which you can submit multiple videos of varying duration and style

Start Tweeting

Start Tweeting immediately using #MedLearn. We’ve subscribed to over 1,000 Twitter lists to create a library of data for people to easily search, share and view relevant organisations, people, hashtags and content – make use of it. We’ll also help drive traffic to your Twitter account by adding your Twitter lists to the subscription lists, share them with us. Twitter analytics offer detailed metrics to help measure responses and track ROI

Submit Videos

Deadline to submit: 1st September 2018

You can submit multiple videos of varying duration and style per booking. Record new videos using a mobile phone camera, or refresh and repurpose existing videos. We will guide you in creating valuable and relevant, easy and inexpensive videos, in-line with current trends, in order to maximize engagement, awareness and reach. We’ve subscribed to hundreds of YouTube channels to create a library of data for people to easily search, share and view relevant organisations, people and content – make use of it. We’ll also help drive traffic to your YouTube channel by adding it to the subscription list, share it with us

Create/share digital assets

We will help Sponsors broadcast effective, attention-grabbing content, telling your relevant story. Posts with videos, GIFs and images are more likely to be shared than text-only content

Important information


Fifty/Fifty – our way of giving back

Raising funding for Charities, Patient Groups and NHS Innovation projects
through organisations Corporate Social Responsibility CSR, Match Funding, Corporate Sponsorship, Grants and Donations

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Quick Guide

Do’s, Dont’s, Tips, Next Steps 

• Do create yourself a Twitter account if you want to view or participate in Tweeting
• Do Record your videos on your mobile phone or alternative camera, to submit to us
• Don’t need a YouTube account to view the videos
• Do note the event date in your diary and set a Reminder to view or join online
• Don’t need a delegate ticket and you don’t need to register to view
• Do view videos and Tweets and join in discussions ideally in real time, or later on-demand at your convenience
• Do read the extensive information on this site for more details about the process and how the event works

• Do Book early if you want to Speak or Sponsor, before your preferred time slot is taken
• Do ask us for a Coupon Code to book your Free speaking slot #Speaker #Patient
• Don’t book lot’s of free slots and cancel last minute, it’s unfair on others and makes the event look bad
• Do use your video to share learning, insight and experiences
• Don’t use your video for a sales pitch or to moan and groan
• Do remember your videos are uploaded to YouTube which is viewable by the world, it’s not private
• Do remember the shelf life of digital content is infinitely tattoed in permanent ink in cyber skies
• Do submit your Elevator Pitch videos as soon as possible
• Do check the audio, lighting and camera angle before emailing your videos to us at

For A Full Detailed Guide

Do’s, Dont’s, Tips, Next Steps  contact us