How to join in #MedLearn, the process and how we support you

In traditional physical events, speaking slots, exhibition stands and delegate tickets are made available

In the #MedLearn modern virtual event, it’s different. You present through prerecorded video and Tweets, all of which are viewable in real-time on the days of the event on Twitter @MedicineGov and also available later on-demand through YouTube and Twitter. As a participant we support your videos by Tweeting relevant content to help you reach your audience, pre, during and post the event

You don’t need a delegate ticket, simply note the event dates in your diary and view it on Twitter @MedicineGov. Keep an eye out for a Thunderclap for you to signup to and join in

For full information, contact us to arrange a Skype video call. We’ll be happy to share screens with you and walk you through the event in action and answer any of your questions

1 Select Agenda

Select which event day you want your video to appear in. You can book one or multiple days

2 Book Video Time Slots

Select which time you want your video to appear in. You can book one or multiple time slots

3 Start Tweeting

The more often and engaging your Tweets, the greater your reach. Engagement is pretty low in general on Twitter, yet incredibly important. We want to support your Twitter activity pre, during and post the event to reach your audience to the fullest potential. To enable us and your audience to find your Tweets, remember to use the hashtag #MedLearn. Twitter analytics offer detailed metrics to help you measure responses and ROI

4 Submit Videos

Submitting video is easy and inexpensive. Contact us and we’ll guide you on creating the most valuable, relevant, simplest and cheapest methods to produce videos, in-line with current trends, in order to maximize engagement and awareness. To record new videos all you need is your mobile phone camera, or you can refresh and repurpose your existing videos

Video submission deadline
Saturday 1st September 2018

5 Create / Share Digital Assets

We help Sponsors broadcast effective, attention-grabbing content, telling your relevant story. Tweets with videos, GIFs and images are more likely to be retweeted than text-only Tweets

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