A digital strategy for today’s hyper-connected world

Digital content Creators, we’ll share and promote your existing or new videos at the #MedLearn online event

Audiences can watch, listen and learn about your key messages using a mobile, desktop or tablet, in real time and later on-demand, at a time and place that suits them

Quick Guide  –  Important Information, Tips, Guide and Upload Link


• Do create yourself a Twitter account if you want to view or participate in Tweeting
• Do Record your videos on your mobile phone or alternative camera, to submit to us
• Don’t need a YouTube account to view the videos
• Do note the event date in your diary and set a Reminder to view or join online
• Don’t need a delegate ticket and you don’t need to register to view
• Do view videos and Tweets and join in discussions ideally in real time, or later on-demand at your convenience
• Do read the extensive information on this site for more details about the process and how the event works

• Do use your video to share learning, insight and experiences
• Don’t use your video for a sales pitch or to moan and groan
• Do remember your videos are uploaded to YouTube which is viewable by the world, it’s not private
• Do remember the shelf life of digital content is infinitely tattooed in permanent ink in cyber skies

Ready to submit your video?  Email us at and we will send you the full detailed information guide, which includes a link for you to upload your video to