Commissioned by David O'Regan Director of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh Faculty of Surgical Trainers RCSEdFST

“We need to open ourselves to challenge, feedback and criticism and we need to invite, include and involve our patients and trainees in our clinical practice. Otherwise, we risk missing valuable opportunities to learn, develop and reform”
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Modern integrated health ecosystem

#MedLearn Team Education and Involvement 
Tuesday 1 PM | from 19th January 2021

The first #MedLearn online series for 2021, commissioned by The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh’s Faculty of Surgical Trainers is aimed at all who work in health care focusing on the patient, the role of the surgeon and the wider healthcare team. Everyone is invited to register for free UK & Global
The surgical team requires many departments and organisations to work together including health professionals, patients, carers and trainees. Discoveries in surgical innovations, immunotherapy, antibodies, emerging technologies, new systems and services are all part of the exciting transformation across the healthcare ecosystem. A feeling of being overwhelmed with information and changes is often cited as barriers to adoption, particularly across complex patient pathways involving multi-site secondary and community care. This can lead to system-wide failures, wasted resources, budgets and poor patient outcomes. Join the #MedLearn faculty chaired by David O’Regan Director of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Faculty of Surgical Trainers
At MedicineGov we’ve championed integrated solutions and
innovation for decades. Some are moving beyond discussions to implemented solutions, but more work is needed. Surgeons have always been early adopters of innovation spearheading the fourth and fifth industrial revolutions in healthcare. Technology, particularly in the COVID-19 era, has excelled the need to bring the entire healthcare team along, inclusive of patients and carers.
The next wave of transformation includes
  • .Workforce and Trainee Education and Skills
  • . Patient involvement and Knowledge Transfer
  • . Businesses Model And Work Flow
  • .Work places and Work stations
  • .Treatment And Targeted Therapies
  • . Equipment and Multispecialty systems
The Faculty of Surgical Trainers at the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh is seeking to gather healthcare professionals and patients who embrace such transformations for a discussion on modern integrated health ecosystems and innovation and how the faculty could collaborate and support them
The #MedLearn educational video series charts the pathway of Health Conditions and individual Patient Lives



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#MedLearn Educational Video Series Panel Guests are unparalleled in their depth of experience, knowledge, level of seniority and influence

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