Which platforms #MedLearn is hosted on and the reasons why

Superior platforms, technology and capabilities

Digital communication is inclusive
enabling everyone to join in the #MedLearn virtual event with ease

Our USP unique selling points – what’s our differentiators

How  #MedLearn is different and why we’re uniquely qualified

Innovation, Patients, Digital-Social-Video Media, Sustained ROI and more

What gives us a competitive edge

@MedicineGov’s unrivaled unique combination

A working knowledge of current Government Affairs and thinking on Health Policy matters across England

Historic experience producing large scale, high level traditional physical conferences and awards for the NHS about Innovation

Creating and sharing data on Twitter and YouTube, for our partners, customers and the wider community to use and benefit from

Advising, supporting and partnering NHS and Government organisations social and video strategies and campaigns

Producing and hosting our own Twitter and Video campaigns and online events

Engaging fully on Twitter, not just broadcasting at, but conversing with professionals, patients and the public

Moving with the times by transitioning to a digital-only business, specialising in social and video media

Supporting healthcare and medical charities, patient groups and patients to reach out to online communities, as well as helping them to raise donations

Producing a unique event combining both social media and social video, through the power of Twitter and YouTube platforms #MedLearn

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Innovation is in our DNA. Both the NHS and Britain is world class when it comes to life sciences and tech. Innovation isn’t just shiny new gadgets and gizmos, treatments and tech. Innovation is also about commissioning new ways of working and decommissioning outdated processes

We live in a digitised world, any person or organisation who isn’t grasping that, is falling behind. If you’re invisible online, you are invisible, period. Daily we hear about traditional bricks and mortar established brands filing for bankruptcy. No person or organisation is safe from disruption

We’re really pleased to hear about the importance of involving Patients. However, for too many, it’s nothing more than a tick-box exercise or a fashionable thing to say. For us, Patients are at the heart of why we exist. When patients have power, everybody wins

If you’re not active on social media, you are not fully present in the modern world. Social media is a game changer for everyone, from Presidents and Prime Ministers, to businesses and the general public. Don’t confuse broadcasting at, to engaging with, you need a balance of both. Social media should be a priority for all board leaders and C-suites. It’s the first place people visit to get a sense of your priorities and principles and view your digital footprint

Every single world leading organisation (Apple, Facebook, Amazon etc.) is prioritising investment in Video without exception. Nothing get’s your message across better than video and all you need to play in the game is your mobile phone camera. The less polished and fancy the video, the more real, authentic and believable your message

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