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The next #MedLearn educational video series has been postponed until April 2021 due to COVID-19. If you’re interested in submitting a video with an educational, medical, scientific, or policy focus please message us using the WhatsApp link above or email hello@medicinegov.org. #MedLean offers both Freemium and Premium Plans for interested parties, message us to find out which Plan is most suited to your needs

“Twenty years of the Silver Scalpel Award which I established as ASiT President, has reinforced that good service and good training go hand in hand – there is no conflict.  Excellent surgical trainers are leaders in education and their departments. We know the figures and we hear the stories – trainees are disengaged, and the profession is not attractive to the new generation. We need a cultural change.  It starts by recognising what is important.  Education is vital to all our endeavors.  The primary motivating factor for all professionals is the opportunity to grow.  We also need to be valued and enjoy celebration and recognition at work. The people who will benefit the most, are the patients because this is the return on investment and the obvious value proposition”


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#MedLearn Educational Video Series Panel Guests are unparalleled in their depth of experience, knowledge, level of seniority and influence

Aligning your organisation’s brand with MedLearn is an effective and smart way to engage audiences online and demonstrate expertise and credibility across the healthcare ecosystem

Medicine Gov produces professional branded campaigns and content for brands across healthcare architecture. We’ve helped brands manage and work with influencers for a couple of decades at least, with the past seven years dedicated to virtual campaigns and events hosted through video


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For around a decade Medicine Gov has been delivering a hybrid virtual shared learning experience
For around a decade Medicine Gov has been delivering a hybrid virtual shared learning experience

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