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9th Annual MedLearn Event
"Inequalities Innovation Integration"
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Hosted by  Medicine Gov
Partnered by  British Asian Cancer Charity
Airing on  Tuesday, 19th November 2024
Premiering on  Medicine Gov YouTube Channel


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At MedLearn24, we unite a diverse community of oncology and healthcare professionals dedicated to addressing inequalities and spearheading innovation in cancer care across England's NHS systems.

From clinicians advocating for equity in clinical research opportunities to members of inclusivity working groups, MedLearn fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Discover the latest advancements in radiology and cancer care while connecting with individuals committed to enhancing representation in oncology trials and championing intersectionality in cancer research and access to clinical trials.

Join us in driving progress and shaping future cancer care.



Discover the essence of each workstream below.

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Workstream 1 Inequalities

"Equitable Cancer Care"
Promoting Equity
in Oncology

Addressing cancer inequalities across all marginalised groups to uncover true cancer equity, regardless of intersectionality. Explore initiatives for early detection access, empower underserved communities, and bridge gaps in cancer care provision.

Be part of our advocacy for #LooksLikeMe and discover how you can contribute to advancing equitable access to cancer diagnosis, treatment, and trials

Workstream 2 Innovation

"Innovative Oncology Solutions"
Advancing Oncology through Innovation

Explore the latest innovative solutions in oncology, from cutting-edge treatment modalities to advancements in cancer diagnostics and clinical trials and research.

Stay ahead in oncology innovation and witness firsthand how groundbreaking breakthroughs are revolutionising cancer care delivery. Dive into the forefront of oncological innovation with us and be part of the transformation

Workstream 3 Integration

"Integrated Cancer Systems"
Collaborative Diagnosis and Treatment

The transformative efficient impact of collaborative working partnerships. Experience the seamless integration of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and research through collaboration across healthcare organisations.

Discover how integrated care improves patient outcomes and enhances cancer care efficiency. Learn about the increased collaboration among patients, healthcare charities, and the industry, transforming the cancer landscape.


Join us at MedLearn 2024 as we delve into the intricate world of cancer specialisms, with a spotlight on Breast, GI Lower and Upper, Gynae (Ovarian), Head & Neck, Lung, and Urology Cancers.

Beyond these key areas, MedLearn is dedicated to addressing all cancer types, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of the challenges and opportunities.

Gain insights into the latest advancements and contribute to the conversation on promoting equity and inclusivity in cancer care, guided by our commitment to Inequalities, Innovation, and Interdependency.

£5 billion annual cost of NHS cancer services


every year

every month

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every day


⚠️ Deaths

50 %

⚠️ Survival 10 + years

38 %

⚠️ Preventable

Co-branded cancer campaigns

NHS England  &
British Asian Cancer Charity

Let's Talk About SACT

SACT Systemic
anti-cancer therapy

A Cancer Pharmacy Podcast brought to you by The British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA). The is to promote excellence in the pharmaceutical care of patients with cancer through education

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Let’s Talk About Inequalities and The British Asian Cancer Charity

In this episode, BOPA are joined by Nusrat Latif, Medicine Gov's CEO and  Director of the British Asian Cancer Charity. They discuss the charity, current initiatives and campaigns at tackling inequalities, plus more


#PatientXx  #LivedExperience

Discover the story behind the British Asian Cancer Charity and its collaboration with Macmillan Cancer Support and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

Watch the video by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, the largest trust in the UK, to learn more about this impactful partnership.

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