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Tuesday 14th September 2021

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David O’Regan

Executive Director Medicine Gov

“We need to open ourselves to challenge, feedback and criticism and we need to invite, include and involve our patients and trainees in our clinical practice. Otherwise, we risk missing valuable opportunities to learn, develop and reform


Coronavirus Risks and Opportunities

Evolution Innovation Integration

Surgical Pathways and Provisioning

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Next-Generation Technology

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This pandemic was the time when HealthTech and EdTech really came of age. We’re living through a renaissance, a golden age in our globalised, hyperconnected world. Where information and connectivity are more accessible and disease knows no boundaries.

Globally, the pandemic forced people to use every weapon at their disposal to stop their healthcare systems from being overwhelmed by this virus. One of the weapons was the drive of digital technology; plus accelerated access of new medtech and treatments and ways of working and training.

This opened minds and broke down once immovable barriers. Digital armory became the pandemics shield and horse. Innovation, interdependency and collaboration became our superpower.

Patient and public empowerment became our strength and collectively our courage increased. We must go forward and continue to be radical and brave about reimagining care delivery, education and continued professional development, taking on what we’ve learned.

Now more than ever, the need for teams and multidisciplinary and multi-professional working between departments and healthcare organisations, intercollegiate interdependent working, private sector collaboration, and enhanced education between patients and professionals, has never been more important and apparent.

Policymakers and clinicians need to give a seat to all stakeholders working across the ecosystem to address the significant challenges and opportunities ahead and work to achieve true integration for the benefit of all – it’s time to end silos and focus on collaboration, teamwork, inclusivity and equal levels of diversity and representation.

The pandemic has turned traditional models on their head. Systems had to make radical changes to totally reimagine patient pathways and provisioning and the patient experience. Education and learning curriculum and priorities must also keep pace with these exponential transformations beginning at medical schools and continuing through career-long learning, across all of these boundaries.

This new world requires modernised technical and business skills and learning; it needs ethical leadership coupled with emotional intelligence. This seismic paradigm shift places care delivery, clinical and non-clinical education and training in a competitive state, held to account by patients and staff under a global transparent magnifyer.

Health systems enabling staff, are building on and accelerating progress made pre-pandemic to go much further and faster in realising the aims of their long-term plans while supporting them as they do so. The barriers are down, it’s time to be radical.

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Experience Counts

The health ecosystem is complex. Our journey supporting the National Health Service and the wider health system, UK and globally, spans over thirty years.

The past eight years has been entirely focused on digital, social and video, virtual healthcare learning campaigns.

We’re not here because a pandemic risk or opportunity changed our course. We’ve worked towards this very point for years. We’re on track, precisely on course.

Unique Series

We’ve successfully run the MedLearn video series over a number of years. We’ve tested what works and what does not.

We listened to the feedback and we heard and implemented your views.

Having now developed a multifaceted Plan to help you reach the right audience for your messaging, we’re here to make your content stand out through this unique, quality opportunity.

This Plan provides you with the tools to develop a bespoke campaign and personal mini-series to sit within the MedLearn educational video series.

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To submit a video or play a larger role in the series, select the Plan which best suits you, based on the products and services you require, plus your organisation’s status and budget.

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